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Your safety is of paramount importance to us. It starts with the obvious, with thorough, comprehensive race prep and rigorous inspection procedures. It also means making you comfortable in the car, both from an issue of fitment and of driver development. Your car should be like an extension of you, responding to your inputs in a safe, linear fashion. We want your interface with the car to be optimal, whether it requires changing the motion of the shifter, reducing the clutch pedal effort or giving you extra clearance in the cockpit. You simply cannot perform your best if you are not comfortable in the car.

Once the preparation and fitment process is complete, the fun begins. Track time is precious, and we want you to make the most of it. Prior to the event, we will provide you with a course map and any information we can about the nuances of this track. Upon your arrival you will find everything ready to go. Your car is fully prepped, fueled, and properly geared for this track. Your driver gear is waiting in the trailer and our support team is ready to meet your needs. All you need to do is focus on your driving.

When testing we can employ several options to accelerate your learning curve. A VP race vehicle can provide lead and follow laps around the course if you are unfamiliar or would just like to try a different technique. Radio support, both car to car and crew to car, allow us to observe your driving and offer whatever level of input you desire. VP also provides complete test driving and set-up services with an FIA licensed driver on staff.

Once you are in the car, every lap you turn is timed and can be relayed to you via radio. After your session, we can discuss our progress and what changes, if any, are needed to the car. In between sessions, checklists are completed to consistently prepare your car for the next session and note any changes for inclusion in our permanent records. We build and maintain a file containing all the pertinent data to your car, as well as all your lap times and results sheets.

Practice and testing helps develop our relationship with our drivers. On race day, communication via the available cockpit radio allows us to relay vital information: lap time, field position, time interval to next competitor, on-track hazards, and more. We can advise race craft and driving strategy allowing you to make the most of traffic and passing opportunities while remaining safe at all times. Perhaps the most important service I can render you is peace of mind: that calm, comfortable confidence that comes naturally when you know you have equipment and support staff you can rely upon without question.

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