Price: $595,000
Condition: Fully restored
Location: Hayward, California, USA
Logbook: HMSA
Class: Can-Am
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A one-off Can-Am car designed and built by John Collins for wealthy privateer racer Gary Wilson. This big-block car embodies many of the tub features of an M8F McLaren while incorporating some of the aerodynamic features of the Can-Am Porsches. This car scored a fine fifth place in only its second Can-Am outing, at Elkhart Lake in 1974. Truly impressive for a privateer car against the might of Shadow, Porsche and McLaren.

This car has been completely restored, everything is new. Molds were made for new body panels and they are included with the car. This car has been sorted extensively by us, including engine, chassis and brakes. This is an effective, powerful and unique car, and it attracts attention wherever it goes.

Engine Builder: Virtuoso Performance
Manufacturer: Chevy
Type: Big Block
Displacement: 540
Horsepower: 850 @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 800 ft-lb @ 5400 rpm
Redline: 7500 rpm
Induction: Lucas Mechanical Injection
Clutch: AP
Manufacturer: Hewland
Type: LG 500
Gears: 4
Trans Cooler: Setrab
Ignition: Magneto/Electronic
with Rev Limiter
Body molds 2 sets of wheels


Scott Drnek driving the 1974 Sting exits turn 11 at Laguna Seca, on the way to capture pole position at the Monterey Spring Classic.



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