Price: Inquire
Condition: Excellent
Body: Formula Junior
Driveline: Rear Wheel Drive
Color: Dark Green
Engine: Cosworth 4cyl
HP: 120 HP
Trans: Hewlan 5-speed


1963 LOTUS 27

The Lotus 27 was the apex predator in Formula Junior racing in 1963.  The Lotus 27 was the first Lotus “customer” formula car to feature monocoque construction.  The 27 also sported inboard front suspension, alloy wheels, alloy calipers, disc brakes front and rear, a quick-change Hewland racing gearbox and a very small aerodynamic profile. It was also very lightweight (circa 850 pounds).  

This Lotus 27 Formula Junior was originally sold to the Jim Russell Racing School and campaigned as a team car for the purpose of promoting the school. It has period competition history in 1963 and 1964.  The history of this car is well understood and the car is recognized by the Formula Junior Historic Registry.  There are no questions or ambiguities regarding this chassis number. This 27  has belonged to the same family for nearly 40 years. No stories, no excuses.  

The engine was recently rebuilt and has less than four hours of race time since the rebuild.  It is equipped with Richardson head, GRE “torque” cam, lifters and rocker arms, JE pistons, Cosworth rods, ACL bearings, an MSD ignition system including rev limiter, a Pertronix electronic distributor, lightweight gear reduction starter and an LED oil pressure warning system.  The engine was broken in and tested on the dyno, where it produced 123 horsepower. Throttle response is excellent and the car  starts easily—please see the attached video showing a cold start.  The exhaust header is in excellent shape and it includes a silencer and includes a silencer for use at Laguna Seca. 

This is a competitive lightweight car; it has to be ballasted by nearly 40 pounds to bring it UP to minimum weight!  It has adjustable shocks, pop off steering wheel, adjustable steering column, adjustable pedals, a Stack electronic tachometer with chronometric movement, proper Smiths gauges, a booster plug for starting and an LED rain light. The gearbox was recently inspected and the shift forks adjusted in our Hewland jig.  The Lotus was also recently aligned and corner weighted. It truly is in race ready condition.

This is a very attractive, extremely tidy, well prepared car that is ready for the next caretaker.  We welcome your inquiries.  


For immediate assistance, or to schedule a viewing, please contact us at 510.887.7223.

Click below to view videos of Lotus 27:

Bodywork On

Bodywork Off

Engine Startup



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