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Our 53-foot tractor-trailer rig provides the foundation of our transportation system. It is backed up by two additional multi-car truck / trailer combinations. The big rig has a full length, 22-foot wide awning with side curtains. We also have a full-length observation deck with its own awning on top of the trailer. It's a great place to entertain friends or just to get away from the crowds and watch the race. We have found that customers who want the kind of support and service we provide really enjoy the convenience, safety and trackside presentation a rig like ours affords. We almost always rent a motor home for each race, and we simply divide the cost of the motor home among the customers present at the race. It's quite economical and really enhances the overall experience to have a quiet, cool, comfortable place to retreat to for a relaxed conversation or to cool off after a hot drive. Spouses, family and guests also appreciate the stocked refrigerator and private restroom. We want the total experience, both on and off the track, to be as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible.

VP Paddock
Our paddock when we are supporting over 12 racecars.
VP Paddock
Our paddock when we are supporting around 10 racecars.
Under awning at Monterey Historics
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