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Our two 53-foot tractor-trailer rigs provide the foundation of our transportation system. It is backed up by three additional multi-car truck / trailer combinations. At the premier races like Monterey Reunion we always have a large industrial awing, big enough for over 20 racecars, like the one pictured below. Under this same awning is a hospitality area with enough tables for customers and their guests. At these events lunch is provided along with an afternoon tasting of wine and cheese. We have found that customers who want the kind of support and service we provide really enjoy the convenience, safety and trackside presentation a rig like ours affords. We want the total experience, both on and off the track, to be as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible.

VP Paddock
Our paddock when we are supporting over 20 racecars.
VP Paddock
Our paddock when we are supporting around 10 racecars.
Under awning at Monterey Historics
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