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A proper spares inventory is crucial to a successful effort. We will inventory your current spares and provide you with a copy of the inventory, so that we both understand what we started with. VP can provide a list of spares required to run the car with confidence and be able to handle at-the-track emergencies. We then review the proposed spares list and evaluate it with you on a cost-benefit basis and make decisions about what spares you choose to add to your inventory.

VP provdes a comprehensive spares inventory for the engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems in our normal "at track" stock. Your inventory should focus on spares that are specific to your car. Spares are properly managed so that the parts you are likely to need to complete an event are on hand without an expensive inventory of superfluous parts of questionable utility. We assemble the spares in pit boxes that are loaded into the transporter whenever your car is, ensuring your spares will be there when you need them. Inventory sheets accompany each pit box, and as items are used, they are checked off the list. The inventory is then replenished before the next race.

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