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We build the engines and transaxles for the cars we run, and our performance record speaks for itself. Recent and current projects include:

  • Cosworth DFV F1 with FG 400 gearbox
  • Cosworth DFZ F1 with FGC gearbox
  • Cosworth FVC F2 with FT 200 gearbox
  • Cosworth BDG 2 liter with FGA gearbox
  • Can-Am Chevy (1180 HP) with LG 600 gearbox
  • Ferrari 312 FI 4 cam engine and transaxle
  • Ferrari 250 GTO transmission and rear axle
  • Judd F3000 V8 with Reynard gearbox
  • Matra V-12 with Hewland TL gearbox
  • BRM P153 V12 F1 engine and gearbox
  • 1936 ALTA Grand Prix-supercharged, alcohol motor
  • 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 engine, gearbox and differential
  • 1956 Maserati 250F offset transaxle (the only one in the world)

We specialize in incorporating modern materials and engineering advances into these engines to lengthen the time between overhauls and improve overall reliability. We see no reason to repeat the mistakes of those who have come before us in the name of history. One can often vastly improve the longevity, reliability and response of these engines while still remaining within the construct of the rules. All of our engines are pre-run and dyno tested prior to installation. We use a DePac engine parameter logging system in conjunction with a Super-Flow dyno to optimize induction and ignition system adjustments. Once the engine performance baseline is established, the engines are tracked throughout their service life by the use of cylinder leakdown testing, digital borescope photography, oil analysis, life cycle tracking and traditional inspection procedures. This methodology helps us prevent catastrophic issues by detecting problems before they turn into engine failures.

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